Nebraska gas prices will NOT be impacted by Hurricane Florence

September 16, 2018

LINCOLN - Hurricane Florence is making a fierce arrival along the North Carolina shore with tropical storm force winds.

There is always the concern that large hurricanes will interrupt oil refinery production and cause a spike in gas prices here in Nebraska. Nick Jarmusz is the Director of Public Affairs at Triple-A and says that will not be the case this time.

Jarmusz says, “I believe there are a few minor refineries in the impact zone. For the most part there are no major refineries. There are no wells. Nationwide, we shouldn’t see much impact on production or supply.”

Jarmusz says supply, distribution and production won’t be impacted outside the hurricane zone. The refineries located in that area serve the southeast and none of that oil comes to the Midwest. There may be some areas where their local refineries will have to buy or source from other parts of the country to meet their needs but again that will not impact supplies here.

Jarmusz says it is always good news regarding gas prices when hurricanes hit the east coast rather than the Gulf of Mexico. That is where more of the off-shore wells and refineries are located and if they are off-line there is a more ripple effect seen throughout the country.

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