Ed Schweizer: What makes a country

August 7, 2018


The four elements that define a country are borders, laws, language and culture. I am aware that huge numbers of Americans and very probably the majority of our youth, have problems with all four of those criteria.

Borders: A very many of my fellow countrymen want to do away with borders. Failing that, they simply don’t want them enforced. Abolish ICE, they say. America should be open to anyone who can get here. I guess my immigrant father wasted his time studying for his citizenship. Amazing!

Laws: These Americans want only certain laws obeyed, while others are not. Take a look at the streets of L.A., New York, San Francisco and others. No longer are laws against such things as public urination or vagrancy or use of dangerous drugs to be enforced, much less derided. I guess the police are just there to direct traffic. Confusing!

Language: Many want us to be a multilingual nation. They evidently feel it is too difficult for immigrants to learn English so we are expected to learn their language and provide social services and benefits in that language, including in the voting booth. How insulting to the immigrants. Scary!

Speech is a close relative of Language. Isn’t it interesting that the folks who coined the term, Hate Speech, are so good at it?

Culture: Ask and they will tell you that our American culture is racist, homophobic and evil. They conclude this through the expedient of judging history by today’s standards. Down with the Founding Fathers and their ilk. After all, they got it all wrong. Throw away that pesky Constitution. Socialism in the way of today. Just look at all the geat examples around the world. So trash all our heroes and bring down the statues and memorials and pretend that our history didn’t really exist. Astonishing!

So, I am amazed and confused and scared and astonished. But mostly I am just sad.

Ed Schweizer

Lake Havasu City

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