BOGOTA, Colombia (AP) _ Nobel Prize-winning author Gabriel Garcia Marquez has won a lawsuit over his book ''Tales of a Shipwrecked Person,'' a newspaper reported Monday.

Alejandro Velasco, a Colombian whose misfortunes inspired the book, wanted to be awarded the copyright and profits from sales of the book, El Tiempo newspaper said. The exact amount was unknown.

But a Bogota superior court ruled Friday the claim groundless, the newspaper reported.

''Tales of a Shiprecked Person'' tells the story of a Colombian sailor who survived the wreck of a Colombian warship in 1955. He was adrift on a raft for 10 days before being rescued.

Garcia Marquez wrote the book in 1970, based on interviews he had conducted with Velasco. Garcia Marquez paid Velasco $3,265 in 1982, according to court documents.