Huskers Sichterman says team must ‘play together’ to get back on track

September 27, 2018

Redshirt freshman offensive lineman Matt Sichterman (6-foot-4, 290 pounds) came to Nebraska from Cincinnati, Ohio. He is one of three triplets. His brother, Dan, is on football scholarship at Iowa State, and his sister, Megan, is a member of the Tennessee swim team.

Q: As a triplet, how competitive are the three of you with each other?

A: We are crazy competitive. Growing up, my brother Dan and I, it has always been head to head with football. He plays defense and I play offense. The competition is always there. I remember an eating contest with him and who is getting the best grades in school with my sister. We are always there to support each other with everything we do no matter how competitive we are with each other.

Q: Your parents still live in Cincinnati. Is it hard for them to balance the three of you at different schools?

A: They had a detailed schedule made a few weeks before the season started. I don’t know how they do it with all of those road trips. They couldn’t be more supportive of us all. I have another sister that works in Madison (Wisconsin) and another sister that goes to school at the University of South Carolina. I got to see them at Michigan which was really awesome. I don’t know how they do it but we are all really lucky.

Q: What has the biggest change been for you going from Cincinnati to Lincoln?

A: I love Cincinnati, but I think Lincoln has been a good place for me to come and focus on school and football. That is why I chose to come to Nebraska. Lincoln is really unique because of the people out here. The coolest thing about Lincoln is how loyal the fans are. You can’t really go anywhere without getting recognized. Lincoln is special to me because of that.

Q: What has been key for your development as a redshirt freshman?

A: The biggest thing for me with the new staff is getting all of the reps we have been getting and how much they detail our work in every way. That has really brought me along as a player. Also, my roommate since I got here has been Brenden Jaimes. He stepped into a big role last year and did really well. He is like a brother to me but I look up to him and his experience has humbled me in a way. It makes me work that much harder knowing that I have to be ready to play and could be in his position at any moment.

Q: What kind of mindset do you have to have as a one-play-away guy?

A: I just take every rep in practice seriously and prepare myself each game as if I was the starter. (Matt) Farniok does a great job, and I think we work really well together pushing each other and making sure that we are both ready to go. It’s building that mindset that I am one play away and I am prepared for this. All this work that we have put into it up until now has gotten us ready to play.

Q: What is it going to take to get the program back to where the team wants it to be?

A: It is going to take two things. No. 1 is getting those details completely down. We all know what we have to do, it is just about executing it when it comes game time. The other is learning how to play for each other and play together. We see it when we are all playing together and the energy is there, we can do what we have trained for. The biggest thing now is building confidence and keep grinding every day ... we will get it going.

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