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Thunderstorms Cause Flooding in Oklahoma and Texas

May 23, 1993

Undated (AP) _ Thunderstorms rumbled across the nation’s midsection Sunday, creating street flooding in central Oklahoma and south-central Texas.

Showers dotted the Midwest and northern Rockies. Record cold gripped the Southeast.

The thunderstorms formed in warm, moist air ahead of a cold front. By afternoon, they extended over parts of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Missouri, and from the Dakotas to the Ohio Valley.

Showers were scattered over Iowa, Minnesota, the Dakotas and the northern Rocky Mountains.

Dry weather prevailed across the rest of the nation. Skies were mostly sunny in the Southeast and clear from California to Colorado and New Mexico.

Up to 5 inches of rain fell near Purcell and Noble in central Oklahoma overnight and flooding was reported along Walnut Creek.

In south-central Texas, the town of Nixon reported more than 5 inches of rain by morning and some roads were closed due to flooding in several counties. Flatonia was drenched with 2 inches of rain in one hour.

Eight cities reported record low temperatures for the date. Lows were 38 degrees at Asheville, N.C.; 50 degrees at New Orleans; and 44 degrees at Greenville, S.C. Records were also set in Beaufort, S.C., 54 degrees; Bristol, Tenn., 42; Jacksonville, Fla., 48; Macon, Ga., 46; and Wilmington, N.C., 48.

Florida, Georgia and the Rio Grande Valley of Texas had temperatures in the 80s by afternoon. Temperatures were in the 80s and 90s in the Southwest deserts.

The low temperature for the Lower 48 states was 31 degrees at Alamosa, Colo., and at Tupper Lake, N.Y.