U mad, bro? Readers pop off about Steelers’ Le’Veon Bell, Bengals’ Vontaze Burfict

November 14, 2018

Michael is ticked about the NFL’s failure to suspend Vontaze Burfict for his elbow to the head of Antonio Brown.

“Is the NFL waiting for the day someone is seriously injured and can’t play football anymore to (suspend him). The NFL needs to put a stop to it now, especially for continued headshots. Suspend him for the rest of the year. That is the only thing that MIGHT stop him.”

Former Cleveland offensive lineman Joe Thomas had a similar opinion. As a first offense, I didn’t think that elbow was worthy of a single-game suspension, let alone a full year.

However, for Burfict, it was far from a first offense. He’s done many things worse than that already and has racked up 11 fines.

Given his recidivism, I think a multi-game suspension was in order.

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