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Fans Scrambling For Super Bowl Tickets

January 9, 1989

MIAMI (AP) _ With the Super Bowl less than two weeks away, brokers are busy selling ticket packages for as much as $20,000 for the football extravaganza.

That’s the going price for an air-conditioned skybox seating nine at the 75,000-seat Joe Robbie Stadium in Miami where the Super Bowl will be played Jan. 22.

″It’s like an apartment,″ said Raquel Barouh, who is fielding inquiries for the $20,000 skybox offering. ″It’s worth the price.″

The National Football League doles out Super Bowl tickets to the league’s 28 teams, with the most going to the competing teams and the host city. The teams decide how to distribute their allotment.

The NFL forbids the sale of tickets for a premium, and scalping is illegal in Florida, noted James Steeg, NFL special events coordinator.

That makes individual ticket sellers reluctant to talk about their offerings, but brokers who package the tickets with hotel stays, buffets and transportation aren’t so shy.

″We’re offering $500 a seat,″ said Jerry Adelman of Murray’s Tickets in Los Angeles, where there are no restrictions on ticket resales. ″We’ll probably handle up to 3,500 seats.″

The agency is offering a three-day package for $1,025, but Adelman says, ″I’d rather go to Hawaii myself.″

The Cincinnati Bengals and the San Francisco 49ers won decisive conference championships Sunday to advance to the Super Bowl and a shot at the NFL title.

The Bengals, who lost the Super Bowl in 1982 to the 49ers, defeated Buffalo 21-10 to win the American Football Conference. The 49ers beat the Chicago Bears 28-3 for the National Football Conference title.

Larry Reader, a salesman who lives near Indianapolis, bought 10 tickets for customers, paying $500 for six seats in the end zone and $850 apiece for four seats on the 25-yard line.

Wendy Lester of Miami wrote in a classified ad appeal: ″Help my brother and I get to our first Super Bowl.″

She ended up spending $1,000 on two tickets.

″It seems the things you want to do get more expensive as you get older,″ she said.

For $15,000, a dentist is offering four end-zone Super Bowl tickets, a week’s stay at a country club condominium and a Cadillac for transportation.

Dr. Ron Marx of Hollywood hasn’t gotten any takers yet on his classified ad, but he’s been getting plenty of inquiries.

″It’s unbelievable,″ he said. ″These people will pay anything. I’ve been getting calls from all over the country.″

Marx is even willing to kick in a little extra.

″If people really push, I might even pick them up at the airport,″ he said, adding he has received at least a dozen phone calls and already has the proceeds spent.

″I figure I can put my kid through one year of Brown University on this,″ Marx said.

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