The past 100 years, Jan. 25, 2019

January 25, 2019

From the Santa Fe New Mexican:

Jan. 25, 1919: One place where there is no room for economy this year is in the appropriations for the several hospitals conducted in various parts of the state by the Sisters of Charity and others.

The example of St. Vincent’s sanatorium in Santa Fe is about as striking a one as can be found. The self-sacrificing, self-effacing, indefatigable, tireless work done by these Sisters in saving lives was never more notably demonstrated than during the recent “flu” epidemic in Santa Fe and largely to their skill and devotion is due the fact that Santa Fe, comparatively got off so easy.

Jan. 25, 1994: Senate President Pro Tem Manny Aragon owns a small parcel of unimproved land in Rio Arriba County.

A medical technology firm, owned by Rep. Robert Perls, D-Corrales, sells equipment to state government hospitals.

The wife of Sen. Skip Vernon, R-Albuquerque, works as a “nail technician” and owns a business called Classic Nails.

Those are some of the facts and minutiae now open to public scrutiny under a new state law that requires legislators to provide a glimpse of their personal finances.

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