Be prepared and aware, Nebraska expert to women in wake of Mollie Tibbets’ murder

August 26, 2018

OMAHA - Personal safety is a high priority for many women after the murder of Mollie Tibbetts. Jim Sutton is a martial arts expert and the owner of Kung Fu Damsels in Omaha. He says there are a number of tools available to give you the confidence to not be a victim.

He says they teach women how to use items like a keychain striking tool, pepper spray and stun guns. Some women prefer to get a concealed carry permit and carry a handgun.

Sutton says, “Having something that you can turn around and brandish. I can face an attacker with a stun gun and fire that nasty old blue spark and say come here jerk or not today or come on lets fight. I’m ready to fight you. That is what you want to communicate to them. Just try to inflict pain. The whole idea is to hand them that 15 to 30 seconds of resistance. Let them know there is going to be a fight, which they rarely expect. In most instances they came because they thought there was something they could take from us.”

Sutton says your main goal is to get away without injury. He says, “Stun and run. Shock and rock. Kick and get.” If you get several hits into a person’s ribcage and they double over, run. If you use pepper spray or a stun gun, immediately get some distance between you and the attacker.

Sutton says perhaps the most important tip is to be aware and be prepared. Remember personal safety tips. Never use ear buds in both ears. Take one out so you can hear what is going on around you. If you see someone hanging around your vehicle, don’t confront them. Go back into your home or the store and watch to see what they are up to and be ready to call the police. If someone grabs you and tells you to come with them, start screaming and kicking immediately. You never want to go to that second location. Use the buddy system as there is strength in numbers.

Women have a nearly one-in-five chance of being attacked in their lifetime compared to men.

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