Sunday Drive: Mercedes C 300 is a thrill a minute

May 5, 2019

There is one thing about Mercedes-Benz: one can always count on them making many different versions of their passenger cars, to that point we were the proud parents of a new C 300 Coupe for a week. It is always a pleasurable week with a Mercedes, and even more so when there are only two doors involved. It’s hard to beat perfection.

OK, there was the time we test drove a Sprinter van that only had two doors, but even that was a great ride! Our only concern this time around with coupe was whether or not Mother Nature would comply and actually give us some spring weather in late March to enjoy the coupe, and its huge panoramic roof.

Of course, the first night we had the C 300, we got 5 inches of snow overnight Somehow, we felt that Mother Nature was not being fair by just waiting for us to get a great roadster and giving us more winter. Luckily it was gone by the end of the day on Friday, with the weekend brightening to 60-plus and dry.

So first thing Saturday morning we were off to the Salt Lake Valley, if for no other reason than to get some longer seat time in the Mercedes. Being in a coupe always has folks looking our way, especially one with the futuristic and stylish lines that adorn the outside of the new C Class Mercedes.

At first glance, the C 300 on paper does not necessarily look like the kind of coupe that could perform up to the standards some have come to expect from a vehicle with such sleek and sexy lines and looks that scream a need for speed and is made by Mercedes. To those we would say: forget what you have seen on that paper, get out and live the experience that this fine new Mercedes has to offer.

Go to the Mercedes dealership, take a test drive. We would bet that you, like us, will fall in love with the C Class. Not only does it exude speed from the outside, but it is also packed full of luxury inside that will keep you wanting to spend more and more time driving, if for no other reason than to just enjoy the experience. Trust us it is worth the time!

The C 300 was not exceptionally quick with the smaller 4-cylinder turbocharged power plant that produces 255 horsepower and 273 lbs.-ft. of torque to propel the 3700-plus pound vehicle around. This horsepower number is not top in the class where some of the competition is flirting with 300-plus ponies, but the Mercedes is so well engineered that it gets to 60 in under six seconds. Not mind-numbing fast, but fast enough to keep our need for speed in check.

We did enjoy a better gas mileage number with the smaller, 4-cylinder engine. We ended the week right at 26.5 mpg with close to 400 miles of driving. Having driven some of the other larger engine coupes, the C 300 still made a mark with us especially with a price that would be easy for most anyone to get started with a coupe.

Inside, the designers included all kinds of luxury and technology that added to our overall experience and kept us engaged. A 10.25-inch central display becomes a standard feature this year and is the highlight of the interior design.

Everything — from climate, audio, and vehicle setup that included driving dynamic control — was available by using the twist knob and mouse-type device to navigate the menus. It is a great system, and we became experts in no time.

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto were both part of the entertainment system. Our test ride came with an upgrade of the Premium Package that introduced Brumester surround sound system, power folding mirrors and an automatic trunk door that would go up and down all by itself. These were all great additions, but we most liked the automatic trunk just for the pure reason it added that little extra touch of luxury.

Both the driver and passenger seats came with a memory function to put these seats that were adjustable in so many different ways back to that perfect spot we had found on our last time out. They were leather clad and came heated and cooled for our extended comfort.

Other additions this year that were upgrades to our test model that we really enjoyed were the 12.5-inch digital dashboard that could be reconfigured in three different ways depending on what kind of a driving mood we were in that day.

An upgrade to the interior LED mood lighting allowed us to choose from a color pallete of 64 different shades, or we could even have the C 300 rotate through different colors providing almost a disco-like effect. This is a great nighttime feature that allows one to have mood lighting for any situation.

Another addition we enjoyed for the week was the Driver Assistance Package that added all our favorite safety features including active lane keeping assist. This feature keeps the Mercedes centered in the lane and worked extremely well. It is one of the best we have encountered to date and makes freeway and longer drives so much more enjoyable. It was as close to autonomous driving as we have gotten yet.

The new C 300 is loaded with standard features, not to mention all the Mercedes’ years and years of DNA, making it exciting and engaging to drive. We found it a great way to get into a coupe.

Base Price: $43,800

Price as Driven: $61,675