Area man suspect in local LSD distribution

August 11, 2018

David City man set for court on drug charge

A David City man was accused of distribution of LSD in Platte County Court on Thursday in connection with a drug sale in Columbus in late May when he met with an undercover police informant wearing a digital recording device.

Judge Frank Skorupa advised Tristin Paulson of the charge he faced and his rights during his first appearance before scheduling the defendant for a hearing Aug. 30 on the Class 2A felony, punishable by up to 20 years imprisonment.

A Columbus Police investigation of the case began May 20 when Investigator Jeremy Zywiec learned from a local confidential informant the David City man was selling LSD, a synthetic hallucinogen that is a Schedule 1 controlled substance, in Columbus. The informant and the suspect, Zywiec reported in his probable cause arrest statement, agreed to meet May 20 in the Taco John’s parking lot on Howard Boulevard.

The informant and suspect met in the parking while they were under surveillance, greeted each other and got into a gray Cadillac. The informant got into the right rear seat and the David City suspect got into the driver’s seat, according to the investigator.

The men, Zywiec reported, backed out of the parking lot, drove to a city apartment complex in the 4500 block of 19th Street. The investigator said he had the Cadillac under visual contact the entire trip to the complex parking lot.

Once there, the investigator said, the men remained in the vehicle and talked while make the drugs for cash exchange, which included seven blotter paper tabs of LSD was recorded by the informant. Zywiec said the suspect boasted the blotter paper was “double dipped” so it should be “really good.” The paper tabs were sent to the Nebraska State Patrol Crime Lab, which confirmed the substance as a synthetichallucinogen.

Former local woman set for assault, threats hearing

A former area woman has been scheduled for a September hearing on charges of assault and terroristic threats stemming from an argument when he showed up to pick up three children during a confrontation in Columbus earlier this year.

Judge Skorupa set 35-year-old Sarah Kamm, who has lived in Columbus and David City in the last few months, for a felony hearing on Sept. 5. The terroristic threats charge is a Class 3A felony, which carries a maximum penalty of three years in prison and 18 months of post-release supervision. The other charges, assault-menacing, third-degree domestic assault and unlawful acts relating to drugs, are misdemeanors with penalties of up to a year in jail.

A police investigation got underway in January when Kamm’s ex-husband reported getting a phone call notifying him his former wife was “acting crazy” and asking him to come to the house and get three boys.

The woman who was caring for the children reported Kamm went to the 26th Avenue home while wielding a firearm, claiming that the kids were not safe with her ex-husband, according to Officer Jeff Uhl’s arrest statement.

The ex-husband, Uhl wrote in his statement, said his former spouse approached him and opened her hand, which contained a bullet for a semi-automatic assault rifle.

According to her ex-husband, the defendant said “I swear to God, if anything happens to the boys this is for you,” Uhl reported. The officer had earlier seized eight rounds from a SKS assault rifle, which the ex-husband identified as matching the one he had seen earlier in the incident.

Jim Osborn is a reporter for The Columbus Telegram. Reach him at jim.osborn@lee.net.

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