Downtown protest draws online praise, criticism

January 2, 2019
Women's March West Virginia held a "Justice for Jakelin" rally along the 700 block of 5th Avenue in Huntington on Dec. 27 to protest the deaths of two immigrant children in federal custody.

Last week, a group of protesters gathered along 5th Avenue at the Cabell County Courthouse to demonstrate disapproval of the deaths of two immigrant children who died while in U.S. custody. A sculpture of a child in a cage was displayed at the protest. The protest was the final Third Thursday action of the year for the Huntington chapter of Women’s March West Virginia.

The protest drew a variety of reactions from online readers of The Herald-Dispatch. Following is a sample of their comments.

Sheri Spears Cyrus: Where are the vigils for the slain officer? He leaves behind a wife and child.

Law Enforcement officials are dying trying to protect us from those crossing illegally.

Prayers for the Officer and his family.

Luke Styer: Sheri Spears Cyrus, I don’t know. Where are they? Do you actually care enough about slain officers to organize a vigil, or are you using slain officers as an excuse to complain?

Amanda Bruce: Liberals do not value human life and Luke here is a prime example. He doesn’t care about the children either but because the media tells them to they pretend. Everything about them is fake and it’s all about the open borders agenda.

Jackie Stevens Foster: There are ways to become a legal US Citizen!!! Does everyone just forget about that???!!!

Mark Cornell: Ridiculous and yet y’all give them free publicity.

Jarrod Anderson: Like it’s our problem. Tell Mexico to take care of their people. We already support enough illegal people for free. There are closer places to walk to if it’s about being safe over politics.

Jeff McKay: Let’s have a rally for everybody who seems to want a different rally but can’t be bothered to organize one.

Phil R. Zimmerman: There has to be at least fifty different tropical diseases on each one of those buses bringing those freeloaders northward. .... The United States is the most caring, sharing, giving, healing, compassionate nation on Earth.

Hope Toney Bowen: I’ll bet they are pro-abortion too.

Sherri Gaye Faulkner: Wish this would happen when each child dies of the flu or being abused.

Helen Nicholas Cook: Thank you to all that participated in this protest.

Sarita Rick: Are you kidding ME? These deaths are the fault of the parent or guardian! Period, end of story. They can only blame themselves. Guess what ! There’s 15, 000 more illegal immigrants heading our way again. How many will die making the trek? Who knows, but its going to be our fault!

Eddie Cunningham: So these kids cross the border with their parents illegaly, the little girl was septic prior to coming across the border the autopsy reveals and yet our Border Patrol is to blame....yeah, not!!!

Will Fox: Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi can take blame for this, if we had border security he would have never crossed over and died.

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