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Three Kids in Family Have Same Birthday

March 28, 2006

SARTELL, Minn. (AP) _ It’s almost as if they planned it _ Angie and Bob Deering’s three children all have the same birthday. And they’re not triplets.

The Deering’s kids, Robert, 8; Kristie, 1; and Erin, 11 months, share their April 6 birthday simply by chance.

Robert Deering was nearly two weeks past due by the time he was born. Kristie was expected on April 15. Erin was due April 22.

Linda Oman, the children’s grandmother from Little Falls, said three birthdays on one day gets pricey.

``I think I might need a birthdays savings club,″ she said. ``I need to save up for the birthdays.″

This year, to celebrate the big day, the siblings had their photo professionally taken, and Robert Deering threw a roller skating party earlier this month.

Next week, friends and family will gather for the children’s birthday. Angie Deering plans to purchase three small cakes.

As the oldest, Robert Deering doesn’t mind sharing his birthday. ``I kind of feel great about it,″ he said.

``It’s convenient,″ Bob Deering said. ``Kristie and Erin don’t care, and Robert likes it. I’m sure when they get older, they’ll want their own birthdays.″

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