Music of Carole King will fill Irwin’s Lamp Theatre

November 23, 2018

In the 1970s, Carole King’s iconic “Tapestry” album was a constant on Deb De Lucca’s mom’s turntable.

De Lucca became a Carole King fan before she knew what a fan was, she recalls.

When, at 17, the New Jersey resident became an entertainer, singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, performing up and down the East Coast, she drew again and again, year after year, from King’s repertoire of classics.

“That’s because the songs never lose their impact nor do they ever age,” De Lucca says.

A few years ago, noticing that tribute bands were becoming popular, she had an epiphany. “Since I have been playing and singing Carole King songs my whole life, it seemed like a perfect fit for me, a labor of love,” she recalls. “Home Again” was launched, her tribute to King, in which De Lucca interprets her songs, with, she says, “love and respect.”

De Lucca and her band will play the Lamp Theatre in Irwin at 8 p.m. Nov. 2.

Celebration of an icon

“Our show is a true celebration of Carole’s music: pre-‘Tapestry,’ ‘Tapestry’ after ‘Tapestry.’ Every single one of us has been a huge fan of her music our whole lives,” she says. “We put a lot of love and preparation into each song and our presentation.”

To be able to share the love of this music with the audience is an amazing feeling, De Lucca says.

Music is timeless

She views King’s music as “timeless,” calling it “the standards of our time.”

Well-crafted songs, she adds, never go out of style.

″ ‘Tapestry’ was and is one of the best-selling albums of all time, filled with hits from beginning to end. Her contributions range from songwriter to singer-songwriter with a repertoire that is unparalleled,” De Lucca says. “The fact that she was a young girl and woman was certainly very empowering for women as well. She blazed a trail for all of us.”

She says there is definitely a newer generation of fans because of “Beautiful,” the Tony and Grammy Award-winning Carole King Broadway musical, the true story of King’s journey from teenage songwriter to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Revival of King

“I am so happy that there has been a well-deserved revival of her music. Not only do they get to hear some ‘Tapestry’ hits, but they learn the history of her music.”

De Lucca and her band try to capture the spirit of her songs.

“The performance is the easy part. The preparation is endless,” she explains. The show keeps evolving.

“After every show, I look back and see if there was something I can do to make it better,” she says.

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