Watertown gymnasts sixth at West Bend Invitational

December 5, 2018

WEST BEND — Watertown’s gymnastics team placed sixth out of nine teams with a score of 125.100 points at the West Bend Invitational to open the season on Saturday.

The Goslings opened on the balance beam and scored 30.85 points.

Sophomore Ashley Campbell scored a 6.85 with a stuck (no fall) routine.

“Great start to the season,” Watertown co-gymnastics coach Jenna Wendt said. “Nice jump connections, working on bigger jumps and backhand spring on beam.”

Sophomore Lauren Marks scored 7.05.

“She had a really nice beam and only one fall,” Wendt said. “She fought hard putting in more difficult jumps this year so she’s working on making them big.”

Junior Mia Ashenfelter scored 6.95.

“She had two falls on her high level jumps but has a very solid 8.0 routine when she hits everything,” Wendt said. “She’s also working on a new dismount.”

Junior Morgan Ellsworth scored 8.25.

“Morgan had a solid beam routine today with only one fall,” Wendt said. “She’s working a backhand spring series and a twisting dismount to increase her scores.”

Freshman Meghan Hurtgen debuted with an 8.6 on a stuck routine in her first varsity high school meet.

“She missed her high level connection, but made all of her jumps,” Wendt said. “She’s working a full twist dismount to increase her overall score and difficulty.

“I was ecstatic with a team score of 30 on beam for our first meet. We are sure to see Morgan and Meghan score some 9s on beam this year.”

The Goslings performed on the floor exercise next and scored 32.05.

Marks scored 6.625.

“She had an amazing layout on her first pass and a wonderfully choreographed routine,” Wendt said. “She’s working on twisting her layout.”

Freshman Lauryn Olson scored 7.725.

“Lauryn nailed her routine for her first real competition ever,” Wendt said. “She did everything we asked her to and her jumps are getting bigger and better.”

Ashenfelter scored 7.75.

“Mia has been working so hard on her round off layout full as she has hurt her ankles multiple times training for it,” Wendt said. “Today, she nailed it for the first time and we are so proud of her.”

Ellsworth scored 8.0.

“Morgan opened her routine with a layout full she’s been working on. She has a super energetic and cute routine and can’t wait to see her scores rise. 8.0 points.

Hurtgen scored 8.55.

“Her routine is choreographed to suit her personality,” Wendt said. “She’s an elegant dancer. Solid score today from a tough judge. We will work on increasing her tumbling.

“All girls need to keep working on their jumps for full credit, but we were thrilled with how fun they were to watch.”

Watertown moved to vault next and scored 33.15.

Sophomore Rachael Sprenger scored an 8.3 with a half on half off. “Rachael is working on a full off,” Wendt said. “She had great form today earning her personal best score.”

Hurtgen scored an 8.3 with a half on half off.

“She is also working to increase her difficulty,” Wendt said.

Ellsworth scored an 8.35 with a half on half off.

“She scored well, and is working on a full twist off,” Wendt said.

Olson scored an 8.2.

“Her half on full twist off is looking nice,” Wendt said.

Junior Julie Walter scored an 8.25 with a half on full twist off.

“Julie scored well, a personal best,” Wendt said. “She has a full off and will throw it on Tuesday at our home dual.

“(Co-coach Paula Mandel) and I were over the moon thrilled with all 8’s on vault today. Great team energy today, very positive and lots of smiles and cheering. We are going to have a great season.”

Watertown finished on the uneven bars and scored 29.075.

Ellsworth scored 7.05.

“She has a solid kip routine,” Wendt said. “She is working to add a half turn and release more to increase her difficulty and score.”

Campbell scored 7.175.

“Ashley has a super nice flowing routine,” Wendt said. “She’s working on uprises, layout dismount and a release move. She’s definitely a bar worker.”

Ashenfelter scored 7.225.

“Mia showed her solid and consistent skills today and her nice form,” Wendt said. “She is also working uprises and layout dismount.”

Hurtgen scored 6.025.

“She tried her best with her giants (going around high bar in handstand position) but didn’t quite make it,” Wendt said. “She’s so close and a hard worker so she will start to get them consistently.”

Marks scored 7.625.

“She loves to swing and work new skills,” Wendt said. “I’m happy for her that she’s starting with the same routine she ended with last year. She has some big skills coming on this event.”

Ellsworth led the Goslings in all-around scoring, placing 15th with a 31.650 score. Hurtgen was next, finishing 16th with a 31.475 total.

Watertown hosts Sauk Prairie in a Badger Conference dual meet on Tuesday at 6 p.m.

Team scores: Grafton-Cedarburg 131.275, Brookfield 130.625, Manitowoc Lincoln 130.275, Waupun 127.225, West Bend East 127.025, Watertown 125.100, Oconomowoc 123.500, Valders/Roncalli 112.550, Oshkosh West 103.325

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