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Mexican Gunmen Kill Suspected Smuggler

May 7, 2003

GUADALAJARA, Mexico (AP) _ A man police believe was a smuggler for Mexico’s two most-powerful drug gangs was gunned down Tuesday in a Guadalajara cafe.

Two men with pistols walked in an opened fire, hitting the victim at least three times before fleeing, witnesses told police.

The man was carrying identification in the name of Adelio Lopez Falcon, 40. But police believe he was Eudelio Lopez Falcon, a reputed drug smuggler and hit man for the Juarez and Gulf cartels, according to the attorney general’s office in Jalisco state.

Police suspect Lopez Falcon’s base of operations was Miguel Angel, a small Texas border crossing. They say he employed a network of smugglers and gunmen to help both gangs sneak narcotics into the United States and to attack anti-drug officers and investigators.

Also Tuesday, alleged Gulf cartel leader Osiel Cardenas was arraigned on charges of organized crime and money laundering and of conspiring to smuggle drugs _ marijuana and cocaine _ into the United States.

A judge in Mexico state, which borders Mexico City, ordered him held in one of the country’s most-secure prisons, west of the capital.

Police say Cardenas’ gang dominates a large area of northeastern Mexico. He was arrested March 14 after a shootout with soldiers in Matamoros, across from Brownsville, Texas.

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