Excerpts from ``Old Young Man,'' a 1968 documentary on Bill Bradley produced for the United States Information Agency:

``It's a fantastic sensation, you know, when you work on something for hours, and maybe weeks even, and nothing goes. Then on about the ten thousandth time, you finally do the shot right. And you know it's right because it feels right.''

_Bradley, on basketball

``It's the nature of sport that it creates people like Bill Bradley who are famous far beyond reason, really. And he has got to live with this the rest of his life. He may become a public figure, but my point is that he already is one, and the sport made him that.''

_John McPhee, author of a magazine profile of Bradley in 1965

``He's sort of a loner, kind of. I don't know what he's done, you know, other than being a scholar and basketball star, but he also seems to have a concern about people. But he takes it so much to heart. I think that's half the reason he's so quiet. It's not a relaxed kind of quiet at all.''

_Unidentified woman accompanying Bradley

``The essential component of the program is the street worker. Most important is his concern that something be done for the teenage kids in the ghetto. So what he does is, he tries to reach these kids, and in effect transform their lives by giving them the hope that college is possible, by giving them the confidence that is absent in so many of their lives simply because no one has ever put his hand on the kid's shoulder and told him he was with him all the way.''

_Bradley, on his work with a youth outreach program in Harlem