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BC-NE--Nebraska Weekend Exchange Digest, NE

October 3, 2018

AP-Nebraska stories for Oct. 6 and Oct. 7. Members using Exchange stories should retain bylines and newspaper credit lines. If you have questions, please contact the desk at 402-391-0031.

For use Saturday, Oct. 6, and thereafter.


OMAHA, Neb. — A blind black bear is getting a second chance at the Henry Doorly Zoo & Aquarium’s safari park. Starsky and fellow black bear Hutch were taken from a private owner, who was keeping the bears illegally as pets in southeast Nebraska back in 2006. When the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission confiscated the bears, they sought the help of the zoo not only to help capture them, but to give them a new home. Starsky found his first new life in Bear Canyon. Starsky eventually lost both of his eyes to glaucoma. As the zoo began to clear out Bear Canyon to make room for a new sea lion exhibit earlier this year, Starsky was the zoo’s last remaining black bear. By Chris Peters, Omaha World-Herald. SENT IN ADVANCE: 573 words.


LINCOLN, Neb. — Sheila and Arlyn Copley are staying in adjacent rooms at Madonna Rehabilitation Hospitals’ Lincoln Campus. The Denton couple are undergoing physical therapy after sustaining injuries Sept. 1 when their plane crashed near Crete. Aryln Copley was piloting the plane and tried to make an emergency landing due to aircraft malfunctions. By Peter Salter, Lincoln Journal Star. SENT IN ADVANCE: 1210 words.

For use Sunday, Oct. 7, and thereafter.


GRAND ISLAND, Neb. — Two friends took their separate battles with cancer and turned it into a campaign to help others fighting the disease. A decade ago Lisa Willman and Julie Pfeifer started GRACE Cancer Foundation. The local nonprofit provides financial support to Grand Island area families going through treatment for any type of cancer. More than 500 families from Grand Island and the surrounding area have received support from the organization. By Julie Blum, The Grand Island Independent. SENT IN ADVANCE: 872 words.


HASTINGS, Neb. — Today’s college students connect with and consume technology in a much different way than students of the past. It is with that in mind that starting in fall 2019 every student entering Hastings College will be equipped with his or her own iPad Pro and Apple Pencil. For more than a year, every faculty member on campus has been equipped with these tools to learn about operation and how he or she can incorporate it into classroom instruction. Starting next fall, each of the 1,200 students will receive an iPad and stylus. By Shay Burk, The Hastings Tribune. SENT IN ADVANCE: 1139 words.

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