4 Doyle sisters make big impression at West Virginia pub

September 30, 2018

PARKERSBURG, W.Va. (AP) — Faith Doyle, Grace (Doyle) Colunga, Temperance Doyle and Harmony Doyle, all of Parkersburg, are waitresses, bartenders and hostess at J.P. Henry’s.

Faith, 35, a bartender and waitress, was the first Doyle sister to start working at J.P. Henry’s in September 2017. She had worked at restaurants in San Diego while also attending cosmetology school in California before moving back to Parkersburg.

Faith recruited her three younger sisters to join her at J.P. Henry’s.

Temperance, 21, a bartender/waitress, began working in February. Grace, 25, a waitress, began working in March, while Harmony, 18, a hostess/waitress, joined her sisters in August.

J.P. Henry’s owner Tom Hughes said it is a blessing to have the Doyle sisters working at his restaurant on Emerson Avenue.

The Doyles have “good character and morals; they are as nice as can be,” Hughes said.

All have great people skills and have taken to their restaurant jobs well, Hughes said.

Sabrena Hughes, Tom’s wife, said the Doyle sisters have an amazing work ethic.

In his 32 years as a restaurant owner at 5106 Emerson Ave. — 27 years as J.P. Henry’s and five years as Barley’s Pub — Tom Hughes said he has never employed four sisters at the same time.

All four Doyle sisters work together at times — especially on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Faith and Temperance work full time, while Grace and Harmony work part time.

Harmony is pursuing a nursing degree at West Virginia University at Parkersburg. Grace is the mother of two young children and her husband attends WVU-P.

The Doyle sisters said they help each other during busy times at J.P. Henry’s. It is a team atmosphere, Faith said.

“They (the Doyle sisters) are an asset to my business,” Hughes said. He mentioned their good attitude, “no drama,” and that they always have a smile on their face.

The Doyles will stay on the job until all the work is done, Hughes said.

The Doyles have another sister, Hannah, who lives in Michigan, and five brothers. Four of the Doyle brothers work in the oil and gas business, as does their father, Thomas. Their mother is Roberta Doyle.

“My brothers are great cooks,” Faith said.

The Doyle family lived in Flint, Mich., before moving to Parkersburg. Roberta is a West Virginia native.

The three youngest Doyle sisters had been working at hourly jobs and found they could earn more money working at J.P. Henry’s.

Temperance said she is working to earn money to buy a car. She had been working three jobs before joining J.P. Henry’s.

Some of J.P. Henry’s customers will request that a Doyle sister be their waitress.

The Doyle sisters noted that J.P. Henry’s is flexible in giving them days off when needed.

Harmony said she can work around her school schedule.

The Doyle sisters’ work ethic is contagious at his restaurant, Hughes said.

“They want to do a good job,” he said.


Information from: News and Sentinel (Parkersburg, W.Va.), http://www.newsandsentinel.com

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