Students not as stressed as adults, but not care-free

October 2, 2018

If you had asked me if the life of a student was care-free when I was a freshman, I probably would have said yes.

It’s true that students don’t have as many worries as adults. Most high school students, for example, don’t have to pay for their education, room, board and utilities. Many of us don’t collect debts or have to face life-changing decisions by ourselves because our parents support us.

But to say that the life of a student is care-free with no worries wouldn’t be right. One can’t compare the life of a student with that of an adult because they lead very different lives. Adults have more responsibilities than students and also more worries. Yet this doesn’t mean that a student’s life is without enormous pressure.

As many upperclassmen already know, the last years of high school are stressful. Students have to take, and probably retake, the ACT exam and they’re involved in countless extracurriculars and sports. There’s also a social life and taking time to interact with your family.

Once you get closer to the end of high school, you also have to start visiting colleges, completing applications, working on scholarships, and even trying job shadowing. All of these activities are necessary for students to try to determine what they want to do with the rest of their lives.

What do you want to do when you’re older? What kind of job will you have? What’s your major? What are you doing after you graduate? These are the scariest questions a high schooler will ever answer.

This process that students are going through is one of the most stressful times they’ve ever had in their life. At best, students will be anxious and nervous as they decide the course of their life with only 17-18 years of knowledge. At worst, some turn to risky behaviors to cope with their stress. This is why teenagers are at such a high risk for underage drinking, dangerous driving and illegal activities.

While older folks may believe that the life of students is care-free, the reality is that students have trouble learning to manage all the stress that their busy lives give them.

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