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Correction: Sports Complex-La Vista story

February 16, 2018

LA VISTA, Neb. (AP) — In a story Feb. 15 about the construction of the Nebraska Multisport Complex in La Vista, The Associated Press, based on information from the Omaha World-Herald, reported erroneously that organizers missed a deadline and wouldn’t be eligible for funding through a tax fund, and that only $11 million had been raised for the project. The timetable changed and the project still should be eligible for needed money through the tax fund. Organizers have raised more than $20 million.

A corrected version of the story is below:

Nebraska sports complex likely won’t open this summer

A Nebraska sports complex has no opening date set and likely won’t open this summer

LA VISTA, Neb. (AP) — A Nebraska sports complex has no opening date set and likely won’t open this summer.

The $125 million Nebraska Multisport Complex in La Vista is still in its fundraising phase and hasn’t set a date for beginning construction, the Omaha World-Herald reported .

Project leaders have decided to build the facility in two phases. While the project won’t be able to meet an October deadline for a state turnback tax for the first phase, officials hope to utilize the funding method in the future.

Known as a state turnback tax, the complex can receive 70 percent of state sales taxes over 20 years from businesses within a 600-yard radius that opened two years before to four years after the complex opens. The facility could secure up to $50 million in state sales tax from a Costco that opened nearby in 2016.

Even though the group won’t meet the October deadline for the first phase of the project, officials hope to capitalize on the tax when the aquatics portion of the project is built, said president Harold Cliff.

“To try and hit the October 2018 deadline wasn’t feasible,” he said. “We still have the opportunity going forward to apply for it.”

Project officials aren’t concerned with the delay.

“We’re very pleased with the progress we’re making,” Cliff said.

Tax forms indicate that the group has raised more than $20 million for the project since 2016. The project will also be financed by revenue bonds, $10 million in infrastructure support from La Vista, revenue from the complex and potential tourism dollars from Sarpy County.

The project includes soccer fields, squash and pickleball courts, tennis courts and an aquatic center with Olympic-sized and therapy pools.

Officials hope to open at least some of the fields this year, but won’t speculate on an exact opening date, said Joan Lukas, project spokeswoman.

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