I smell bread?

August 21, 2018

Bob Stone

This year on Sundays, we’re “splitting” time between the Gospels of Mark & John. August, becomes a month of bread as we “chew” upon

John 6 for multiple weeks! I guess after all that, it becomes a natural to write a newsletter about bread. Maybe not “write” per se but a chance to look at bread in a different light. An illustration comes to mind from the long running t.v hit series Mash.......

How many of you remember the popular sitcom of the 1970s called MASH? If you do, then you recall that it was about a group of doctors and nurses trying to make sense of their assignment to the 4077 Mash unit during the Korean War. In one particular episode, Major Winchester survives a close encounter with a snipers bullet. He struggles to find some answers to life’s most perplexing problem . . . death. Finally, in utter desperation, he leaves the base hospital and goes up to the battalion aid station where the wounded are first taken from the lines of battle. Colonel Potter discovers his whereabouts and calls him, ordering him to return to the MASH unit. However, a medical corpsman interrupts the conversation and calls the surgeon over to a man who is dying. Winchester confirms the impending death with a glance. Obviously in pain, the soldier cries out, “I can’t see anything. Hold my hand.” The Major grabs his and hand and the soldier whispers, “I’m dying.” The Major, still groping for answers gently asks, “Can you see anything? Can you feel anything? I have to know.” But the dying soldier doesn’t answer any of those questions. Instead, all he manages is, “I smell bread.”

Maybe for each of us on those days we feel overwhelmed, more than a little lost and close to giving up, those 3 words should remind us of what’s really important. I Smell Bread.

John could have summarized his brilliant chapter 6 with these 3 words! We can face the toughest of times when we feel lost, alienated, forgotten and alone with these 3 words....

I Smell Bread. I Smell Bread can become a unifying & rallying anthem, a shield to grasp and raise against times of uncertainty!

I Smell Bread is a reminder that there is “One” who understands

tough times, feeling lost and alone and He will not abandon you.

I Smell Bread is His gentle reminder.... You are not lost... You are not Forgotten.... You will never go hungry and You will always be loved.

I Smell Bread is a weekly reminder of our Loving God who richly embraces us in the Bread of Life. I Smell Bread are three words to remember and keep on our hearts through all the times of our lives. Why?

Because with those 3 words, death becomes just another door to pass through on the way to.... the “Bakery” of the Master! Wow! Who coulda guessed we’d get so much out of three simple words. May the Lord of All Bread richly bless you and yours and always urge you, in all times you face, to Smell Bread!

Bob Stone is pastor of Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd in Pocatello.

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