SEOUL, South Korea (AP) _ Just a day after Kia Motors Corp. began operating again, production came to a halt Tuesday as two tire suppliers refused to deliver tires until Kia pays its bills.

Thousands of workers at Kia and its commercial vehicle arm, Asia Motors Corp., returned to work Monday, ending a 13-day strike.

But production was suspended again Tuesday when Hankook Tire Co. and Kumho Tire Co. refused to supply their products until the car makers repay debts of $50 million.

The companies typically supply 250,000 tires a month for Kia.

Kia is awaiting new managers under court receivership. It was declared near bankrupt in July. It owes more than $10 billion to banks and others.

Last month, the government announced it would place Kia under court receivership, assume majority ownership through a state-controlled bank and install a temporary new management team.

Thousands of Kia workers went on strike to protest court receivership. They claimed the government planned to sell their company after installing a pliant management.

Kia, the nation's eighth largest conglomerate, has 28 subsidiaries that generated $13 billion in revenues last year. It produced 780,000 cars last year.