MUSIC REVIEW: Raise Vibration by Lenny Kravitz

September 28, 2018


Released: Sept. 7

Label: Roxie Records

“Raise Vibration” is the 11th studio album from Kravitz. This is his first album since 2014’s “Strut.”

For this new album, Kravitz collaborated with longtime guitarist Craig Ross for a more eclectic feel and sound throughout the album’s 12 tracks. Soulful and psychedelic are just a couple words that come to mind when listening to each song.

The sweet song “Johnny Cash” is Lenny’s own personal tribute to the late, legendary country music singer, and the single “Low” very obviously contains vocal extracts from Michael Jackson.

This isn’t the ’90s Lenny Kravitz you might be used to hearing, but he’s still cranking out the dance-worthy hits after having 30 years in the music industry.

With each song, Kravitz addresses the problems in the world with urgent messages and catchy melodies. Kravitz is currently on a “Raise Vibration” world tour.

KEY CUTS: “Low,” “Raise Vibration,” “Johnny Cash”

Kiera Allen, Daily Journal

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