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Male Model Loses Sex Bias Suit

June 17, 1998

LONDON (AP) _ A British court rejected a sexual-discrimination lawsuit Wednesday by a male model who sued a college for giving women preference as nude models for its art classes.

George Bond, 54, cited as evidence the 68 hours _ out of a possible 1,260 _ that he had been employed by Northampton College, northwest of London.

The college denied all claims of sexism and said Bond was difficult to work with and unreliable. According to one instructor, Bond was ``always moaning, complaining about the cold and going to the toilet.″

College officials also said they were not comfortable employing Bond because he had appeared in a pornographic film and in a documentary about the making of a sex film.

Bond said he is deciding where to go from here. He said he may ``just get a normal job to pay the bills.″

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