MUNICH, Germany (AP) _ An Airbus Industri spokesman in Munich on Friday said the company is holding talks with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd. of Japan regarding cooperation on its development of the planned A-3XX 600-seat jet airliner.

Spokesman Rainer Ohler said however, that a report in Friday's editions of the Wall Street Journal had essentially nothing new, since Airbus was also talking with companies in the United States and elsewhere about development cooperation.

Ohler said he had no specific details on the contact with Mitsubishi.

``In regard to Airbus, we are speaking to Mitsubishi about the possibility of joining in the A-3XX program. The megaliner. But we are also speaking with many other industrialist partners and partners in the airlines,'' Ohler said.

He said it was ``no wonder that we are looking for a partner especially in Asia, because Asia will be the point of concentration for marketing the A-3XX.''

But he said news reports Friday were ``nothing new, nothing amazing and nothing big that we are talking to many (prospective) partners.''