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Woman Convicted in Slaying Of Lesbian Lover

September 8, 1989

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. (AP) _ A woman who used the ″battered spouse″ defense against charges she killed her lesbian lover was convicted Thursday of second-degree murder.

Annette Green, 30, was found guilty by a jury in the Oct. 30, 1988, shooting death of her 11-year lover, Ivonne Julio.

The jury found that Ms. Green’s shooting of Ms. Julio, 32, was not premeditated, and decided on the lesser charge. Prosecutors had sought a first-degree murder conviction, which could bring the death penalty.

The two-week trial was reportedly the first time a lesbian had tried the ″battered spouse″ defense, which some women have successfully used after slaying an abusive husband or lover.

Ms. Green faces a 12- to 17-year prison term. Palm Beach Circuit Judge Tom Waddell ordered a pre-sentencing investigation but set no sentencing date.

Defense Attorney William Lasley said in his closing argument earlier Thursday that Ms. Julio beat and tormented Ms. Green for years.

Lasley made no statement after the verdict, and gave no immediate indication whether he would appeal the ruling.

Assistant State Attorney Robert Johnson told reporters afterwards that he felt the case did not support use of the ″battered spouse″ syndrome.

On Tuesday, Wadell ruled to allow the battered spouse defense in the case. The judge said the type of relationship made no difference.

Ms. Green testified in her own defense during the trial, saying she ″never wanted to do anything to (Ms. Julio).″

″I was just trying to defend myself,″ she said.

Ms. Green also testified that after she shot Ms. Julio following an argument, she then held the gun to her own head.

″I was going to kill myself ... because I loved her,″ she said.

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