FORT WORTH, Texas (AP) _ A bull escaped from his pen at the rodeo and tore through the concourse, bumping into several people and knocking over a beer stand before he was roped by cowboys on horseback.

An unidentified 66-year-old woman was hospitalized when a piece of wood left a gash in her head. She was in stable condition.

The bull named Dillinger, a one-ton hornless bull, climbed over a 6-foot-high wall at Will Rogers Memorial Coliseum Saturday night and then ran.

``It knocked me over and every which way,'' said 21-year-old vendor Trent Hackney, who hid behind the beer stand when he saw the bull coming and people scurrying for safety. ``I didn't know the bull was going to hit the stand, and it did.''

His pants were drenched in beer.

Neal Gay, who has provided livestock to the Southwestern Exposition and Livestock Show and Rodeo for 25 years, said the bull was pretty gentle.

``He didn't want to hurt anybody,'' Gay said. ``The bull was just as shaken as many of the people.''

If Dillinger ``would have been a fighting bull, it would have been a lot worse than it was,'' he said.