Charles Kotan: U.S. needs walls — and term limits

January 13, 2019

Editor: I take issue with the Jan. 12 editorial calling for an end to the shutdown while Congress sits on their, ahem, hands. Border security has been an issue for decades. Several times there have been amnesties, commitments to blah, blah, blah. Finally we have a President willing to stand firm against eternal establishment beltway inaction. The only reason President Trump is roundly criticized by both parties is that he wants — and is willing to take — action! As Speaker Pelosi clearly stated about Obamacare, in order to read it, you have to vote for it. Vote for the moderately cheap border wall, and we’ll see how it works. Walls DO keep criminals and critters out of their homes and mine. With a wall — and lots of fancy techno-goodies — we can secure our southern border, including all points of entry. We used to say about a dam that could be providing needed water to California: Build it, dammit! Get control over gangs, drugs, and our slave trade. Let’s do this now, not in a few years when the old folks in Congress and Supreme Court wake from their nappy. Call our new senators daily, and demand change, including term limits!

Charles Kotan

Lake Havasu City

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