Melon and prosciutto salad is summertime savory and sweet

August 26, 2018
Go savory and sweet with melon, goat cheese and proscuitto.

Drippy melons with prosciutto and goat cheese, this might be the last summer refreshing salads I do for the season as it’s sadly coming to an end. But I nabbed the most delicious melons last week and this is what I made. It’s beautiful and simple and no summer is complete unless you make at least one of these. I’ve been down for the week recuperating and it’s caused me to stop and recap my summer. This might be the most eventful summer yet!

It started out with a few weekend trips to the mountains camping out in our car then a week in Cabo offered a new scene while I watched the most beautiful sunrises two days in a row. It was a whole new world for me to behold. I saw my sister and her beautiful babies while I enjoyed the cuisine of a different fiery culture. I disconnected from my world back home, while I reconnected to an inner spirit I fought hard to resurrect.

A few weeks back home, I enjoyed a couple local spots where music and a beautiful lake introduced me to the wonder of why West Virginia has a wild wonderful reputation. There is no place like home where the mountains are green and lush. It truly is the most beautiful place to live. My whole family planned a trip in January for us all to meet in Charleston, South Carolina — Kiawah Island to be exact. It was the first time I’ve ever gone on a vacation that I didn’t want to leave early and get back to my usual routine.

We all overcame many obstacles just to get there and to have my boys with me, I felt my whole world was that very week perfect and complete. We have never laughed more than we did the week we were there. I videotaped my father dancing on the beach. I only managed to see one sunrise that week. It was all just beautiful and I’m so thankful for the time we all have spent together.

One of the salads we saw on the menus in South Carolina was this melon salad. The flavors are light and airy, fresh and contrasting with the Cheese and prosciutto. There is no need for a dressing as the melons are succulent and juicy and offers an ample amount of juice for the salad. This can be served as a side dish or a main breakfast dish. Before the melons give way to the changing season, pick up a few and make this dish.


1 cantaloupe

1 watermelon

1 pkg. prosciutto

3 oz. goat cheese

Melon baller

In a bowl take the melons and cut out balls of melons with a melon baller. Add in the chunks of prosciutto and goat cheese. Serve cold.

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