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Man Excused From Jury Duty, Handcuffed And Returned To Court

November 30, 1988

BRIDGEPORT, Conn. (AP) _ A crackdown on people who avoid jury duty suffered a setback when a man who had been excused from service was brought to a courtroom in handcuffs by a different judge.

Fred Avelino Sr. of Albany, N.Y., was visiting his wife in this southern Connecticut city when he received a notice to report for jury duty.

Avelino was dismissed by one judge because he has been a New York resident since 1946, but his name remained on the computerized jury list and he was ordered arrested when he did not appear for jury selection in a case heard by Judge Socrates H. Mihalakos.

″Sure I was shocked, I didn’t expect this at all,″ said Avelino, who received an apology Monday after the mix-up was discovered.

Avelino was the second person in two months to be arrested for avoiding jury duty in Bridgeport, where judges have said they are trying to head off a growing trend by people to resist jury duty.

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