Solve a mystery while exploring your gourmet side

February 14, 2019

Are you a sleuth, a murderer, a murder victim or just a party guest along for the ride?

You will find out if you attend the Murder Mystery Dinner at M’s on 4th on Feb. 14, 15 or 16.

M’s on Fourth owner, Vernon Meyer, got the idea for hosting Murder Mystery Dinners after he attended one, himself.

“I actually attended one down in Fremont,” said Meyer. “They had a Murder Mystery Dinner train. This was a few years ago, and they don’t do that anymore. The train is shut down. It was one of the most entertaining experiences I had ever had. It’s was all based on food and wine, so when we took over the business (M’s on 4th) in 2016, it was always one of my dreams to host one of these events. We’ve now been doing them for the last year-and-a-half to two years.”

We understand that this was a dream of Meyer’s, but what makes M’s on 4th the perfect place for an evening of a mysterious murder?

“If you haven’t been to our underground, which is our wine cellar, it is just the perfect atmosphere for what we put on,” said Meyer. “To me, it is the perfect set.”

Each Murder Mystery Dinner has a different theme and a special menu catered to that theme.

“Each event has a specialized menu,” said Meyer. “This one is going to be a surf-and-turf combination of filet and coconut shrimp, but it changes every time. The theme for this week’s mystery is ‘Once Upon a Murder,’ so it’s a spinoff on the ‘Once Upon a Time’ theme. Some of the characters include Rumplestiltskin, Little Red Riding Hood…you can kind of follow that path.”

Tickets are selling fast, but the next Murder Mystery Dinner event will probably be in the beginning of April and will revolve around a prom theme.

The Weekender staff thought there may be a troupe of actors M’s brings in, but the actors are the diners in attendance.

“The participants are the actors,” said Meyer. “Those who want to register can sign up for a large part or a small part. A lot of people don’t want to engage, so we give them kind of a small role. The actors get individual roles. Once they have a part, they can come dressed as their roles if they so choose.

“The program lasts two to two-and-a-half hours depending on the flow of the meal. Everybody has objectives, so the first 45 minutes people are going through their list of objectives. There is a climax that happens during the night, but I can’t tell you so we don’t ruin the surprise of the participants. During the second half of the program, people have to look at all the clues to solve the murder.”

What makes this program different than anything else in Sioux City and why should people attend?

“The Sioux City Community Theatre does one of these, but they put it on for the people,” said Meyer. “This way the participants are the actors and they get into character. Nobody else around here does this. It’s different than the escape room. It is very original. You are going to get your money’s worth with the fantastic food and the event itself.”

You can also rent out the room at M’s on 4th for private Murder Mystery Dinner events. Just contact the management of the restaurant.

“People can put on their own personal event if they want to book the room,” said the restaurant owner. “They can call us for their own party and we will host. A lot of people don’t know that they can have their own personal Murder Mystery Dinner. If they want to do it for a business event or a family party, all they need to do is call us to get it set up.

The cost of the upcoming event is $75 per person plus gratuity and tax. There will be a four course meal and fantastic entertainment. If tickets are still available, you can find them at M’s on 4th, 1019 Fourth St. There is a max capacity of 24 people per night. You must be 21 to attend.