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April 7, 2019

Last week, for Autism Awareness Month, I wrote about the website for the Autism Collaborative Centers of Excellence (alloneforautism.org) and its main hub at the University of Scranton. This week I’m going to look at the sites for two of the center’s remaining four hubs. I will review the last two hubs later this month.


Geisinger is a regional health care organization based in Danville that has developed a national reputation. It offers high-level care for a range of medical specialties. The Autism & Developmental Medicine Institute, geisingeradmi.org, is a branch that focuses its expertise on the diagnosis, treatment and research of autism and other disorders related to intellectual development. The institute has specialists in neurology, psychology, pediatrics, behavioral analysis, speech and more.

The website provides an overview of the institute’s mission and services, as well as a portal to access those services. Links running down the left side of the home page connect you to the various sections.

The ADMI Team section has profiles of the doctors and other medical professionals who provide the care and do the research. Other sections include Mission and Vision; Patient & Visitor Information; Appointments; Refer Your Patient (for medical providers); Location & Directions (the institute has headquarters in Forty Fort); Common Questions; and Resources.

The site is nicely designed with good typography and imagery, and intuitive navigation. It’s not a great resource if you want to educate yourself about autism, but it’s useful for seeking out regional specialists and resources that can help with treatment of people on the autism spectrum.

Misericordia University

Another hub is the Autism Center (misericordia.edu/page.cfm?p=1636), part of Misericordia University’s College of Health Sciences and Education in Dallas. The center’s focus is on care, treatment and services to people of all ages on the spectrum.

The site features a list of links to the center’s services, which include: lifelong learning skills; transition services; speech, language, occupational and physical therapies; assistive technology; and certificate programs for health care professionals.

There’s also information on autism-related events in the community, clinics, camps, speakers, conferences and more.

The Autism Center site is only a small part of Misericordia’s overall website. The site is organized and easy to use. Like the Geisinger site, it’s not a place you would go to research autism, but it’s packed with lots of resources for treatment and services.

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