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AM-Prep: Kickers

May 22, 2019


BERLIN (AP) — It can happen _ passengers can sometimes leave something behind in a taxi. But a newborn baby? And as the parents were headed home from the hospital, no less? That’s what happened to a pair of new parents in Germany. Police in Hamburg say the couple took a cab from the hospital and when they got home, they took the newborn’s year-old sibling from the car, paid the driver and said goodbye. It wasn’t until the cab pulled off that the dad realized he had said goodbye to both the driver and his newborn. The driver, unaware of his sleeping stowaway, parked in an underground garage to get lunch _ and only realized he had the baby after picking up a fare at the airport. After a call to police and a quick checkup by the ambulance crew, the baby was returned to his parents.


SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (AP) — For nearly 70 years, a South Dakota angler had the state record for the largest channel catfish ever caught. He doesn’t anymore _ but not because someone landed a bigger fish. It’s because state officials say they caught a big error they made when they gave the record to Roy Groves in 1949. His 55-pound channel catfish was named the biggest catch of that species. But game officials now say what Groves caught was a blue catfish, not a channel cat. As you can imagine, Groves’ family is upset that history is being rewritten. But state fishing officials say experts who examined a photo of the fish say it really was a blue catfish.


IOWA CITY, Iowa (AP) — An Iowa teenager who was searching for arrowheads ended up with a much bigger _ and more significant _ find. The Iowa City Press-Citizen reports the youngster unearthed the prehistoric jawbone of a mastodon. Paleontology officials at the University of Iowa say the jawbone was 30 inches long _ and they believe that indicates it came from a juvenile mastodon that stood around 7 feet tall. The farmers who donated the bones to the university did so anonymously _ because they don’t want others trespassing on their land, seeking more fossils.

by Oscar Wells Gabriel II

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