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LONDON (AP) _ With less than two weeks before national elections, Prime Minister Tony Blair's Labor Party holds a 19-point lead over the opposition Conservatives, according to a new poll released Saturday.

But voters back the Conservative position on the single European currency by a margin of more than two-to-one, the survey found.

The NOP poll for The Sunday Times found 49 percent of those questioned said they planned to vote Labor on June 7, compared to 30 percent who said they supported the Conservatives and 14 percent who backed the Liberal Democrats.

Nonetheless, 61 percent said if there was a referendum on joining the euro, they'd vote no, compared with 28 percent who said they'd vote yes.

The Conservatives, led by William Hague, say they would not join the euro during the lifetime of the new Parliament, while Labor is generally amenable to the currency and would likely hold a referendum on joining.

The euro took center stage in the campaign last week, when former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher said she would never support abandoning the pound. That put her at odds with the official Conservative line of ruling out a euro referendum only in the next Parliament.

Blair's Labor Party is inclined to join the euro, but only if it passes five economic tests and the British public gives its consent in a referendum.

NOP polled 1,001 people by telephone on Thursday and Friday. The margin of error was plus or minus three percentage points.