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MSI Insurance Offers Discount For People Who Pledge Not To Drink, Drive

March 3, 1987

ST. PAUL (AP) _ MSI Insurance Companies will offer a 10 percent discount in premium costs to people who pledge not to drive after they drink, in a novel experiment aimed at curbing the incidence of drunken driving.

MSI officials said Monday they were willing to take the risk because drunken drivers cost the country $24 billion a year and escalate premium costs at least 35 percent.

″More than 50,000 people are killed each year in automobile accidents and more than half are alcohol-related,″ said Gordon E. Lindquist, MSI president.

The discount program, called ″None for the Road,″ is the first of its kind, said MSI officials and industry analysts.

Minnesota customers can enroll in the program April 15. Wisconsin and California programs will follow.

Participants in the ″None for the Road″ plan will sign a pledge with their MSI agent in which they will agree not to drive within six hours of their last alcoholic beverage. It will entitle them to a 10 percent discount on the premium for bodily injury, property damage liability, medical payments and personal injury protection auto coverages.

If a driver is caught driving while intoxicated, they still would be covered by insurance but the company would drop the 10 percent discount.

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