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Max Factor Heir Must Pay Victim Over $20M

October 3, 2003

VENTURA, Calif. (AP) _ Convicted rapist and Max Factor heir Andrew Luster was ordered to pay more than $20 million in damages Thursday to a woman he drugged and sexually assaulted three years ago.

The plaintiff, listed only as ``Tonja Doe,″ was one of three women who accused Luster of knocking them out with the date-rape drug GHB and sexually assaulting them at his beach house northwest of Los Angeles.

Superior Court Judge Barbara Lane ordered Luster to pay the woman $10 million for pain and suffering, $10 million for punitive damages, and $529,774 for psychological counseling and lost earnings.

Luster, 39, the great-grandson of the cosmetics legend, was convicted this year in absentia of raping the women and sentenced to 124 years in prison. He had fled to Mexico during the trial. He was later caught by a bounty hunter and returned to the United States.

Luster’s civil attorney, Harold Greenberg, said he had not seen the judgment but said his client would likely appeal. He called the judgment meaningless because he said Luster had spent most of his money on lawyers.

``He was worth a couple million but never as much as people said,″ Greenberg said.

A second victim won a $19 million judgment against Luster earlier this year. Her attorney, Barry Novack, said she was trying to collect the money.

``At the time that he was arrested, he had certain estates. He had real property, as well as cash bonds, and one of our tasks is to find out and trace what he did with those funds,″ Novack said.