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Clinton OKs Federal Salary Boost

December 8, 1998

WASHINGTON (AP) _ Starting next month, federal workers will see a 3.1 percent increase in their paychecks along with a separate adjustment based on their location.

Under an executive order signed by President Clinton on Monday, federal white-collar workers nationwide will receive raises effective in January ranging up to 4.02 percent, with the highest raises going to workers in San Francisco, according to the Office of Personnel Management.

The adjustments for location are based on wage surveys in 32 metropolitan areas.

In the Washington-Baltimore area, the nearly 270,000 white-collar government workers will receive a 3.68 percent salary hike. This will add $2,105 to the average salary in the area, bringing it up to $59,307.

In the cities receiving the locality adjustments, the raises will range from 3.54 percent to 4.02 percent.

After San Francisco, the next highest raises will go to workers in Houston, 3.98 percent, followed by gradually decreasing percentage hikes for workers in Los Angeles; New York; Chicago; Detroit; Hartford, Conn.; Boston; Denver; San Diego; Miami; Portland, Ore.; Philadelphia; Sacramento, Calif., Seattle and Minneapolis.

Then comes the Washington-Baltimore area at 3.68 percent, followed by Cincinnati; Cleveland; Dallas; Columbus, Ohio; Milwaukee; Atlanta; Richmond, Va.; Dayton, Ohio; Huntsville, Ala.; Pittsburgh; St. Louis; Indianapolis; Kansas City, Mo., and Orlando, Fla., the final three at 3.54 percent.

In August, Clinton promised federal workers an 8 percent pay raise over the next two years. In addition to the 1999 increases, the president outlined an additional 4.4 percent raise for 2000. That would be the largest pay hike since 1981.

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