Manchin’s vote draws variety of strong reactions

October 11, 2018

Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin’s vote to confirm Republican President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh has sparked plenty of debate among both Republicans and Democrats as to whether he made the right decision.

It also has triggered plenty of speculation about whether his vote — he was the only Democrat to support Kavanaugh — will help or hurt his chances to win re-election in the Nov. 6 general election. His opponent is Republican Patrick Morrisey, West Virginia’s attorney general.

Manchin defended his vote in an interview a day after Saturday’s confirmation vote as being based on fact, not emotion. He said he “could not find any type of link or connection” that Kavanaugh was a rapist. ”... You talk about two wrongs trying to make a right. It just wasn’t in my heart and soul to do that.”

Here is a sampling of comments from online readers of The Herald-Dispatch, reacting after Manchin said he would support Kavanaugh or after he had cast his vote.

Stephanie Craig Nibert: “Shame on you Joe Manchin!”

Jay Jacobs: “Sen. Joe Manchin did the right thing. He did what he promised, although he surprised me. He must be one of the only Democrats in this entire country that is a Christian and has a soul. Abortion, by any defininition is murder and is the same ritual ancient pagans practiced to the pagan god, Moloch, sacrificing the blood of children. Ergo, Manchin answered to a Higher Power because he knows, at the Last Judgment, he answers to the Creator and NOT to a bunch of pagans.”

Linda Marks Frye: “I am Catholic, Manchin is Catholic. I am pro life. I hope that had everything to do with the way he voted.”

Jim Slade: “I would have preferred he voted ‘no’; however, he still gets my vote in Nov.”

Josh Hauser: “He might as well have endorsed Patrick Morrisey for Senate.”

Brian Patrick Bailey: “I don’t like it, but it’s hard to argue he was doing anything other than serving the interests of his majority constituents.”

Steve Armstrong: “He signed his own ‘Won’t get re-elected’ warrant! Such a shame!

Cheryl Wolford Cannizzaro: “Truly, one of the only senators who works across the aisle. It is refreshing to see a moderate Democrat.”

James Tim Galloway: ”... there used to be moderate, even liberal, Republicans who worked across the aisle. It’s become about loyalty to Trump. He demands it. Manchin needs to go home to the GOP; seems like that’s where he really belongs.”

Cheryl Wolford Cannizzaro: ”... as an Independent, I would welcome him. Many of us ‘vote’ across parties...”

Mark Cornell: “How soon you libs forget. Fine, let him switch parties. We will take him and continue to pass legislation that is right for the country.”

Lisa Tomlin: “Now I don’t know who to vote for. I don’t like Morrisey, and now this from Manchin.”

Jennifer Brooks-Jones: ”... I hate these choices. I’ll vote for Manchin before I vote for Morrisey but I’ll never vote for Manchin in a primary. Dude might as well bat for the other team like Justice did.”

Steven Elkins: “I may vote for Rusty Hollen, but have reservations about allowing Morrisey to crawl into the Senate.”

Fred Ray III: “I will still vote no on Joe; this just isn’t enough. One term with Morrisey is better than rewarding Joe with another. We have to break the cycle.”

Tamma K. Terrell Ruth: “It gives me faith in doing the right thing!”

Nancy Bandy: “He is betraying his party and American women.”

Shelly Ray: “Way to go Joe.”

Robert Blake: “Good job Joe.”

Justin Fanelli: “Just got my vote with that move.”

Joab Dellinger: “This is purely political due to election looming. He has to please the Trumpers who only care about #winning and nothing else, and he knows Democrats won’t vote for that New Jersey chipmunk Morrisey. So it’s win-win for Manchin. Political master.”

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