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Communist Leader and Republican General Enrique Lister Dies

December 8, 1994

MADRID, Spain (AP) _ Enrique Lister, a Communist leader and general in the Spanish Civil War, died Thursday. He was 87.

Lister, who underwent surgery for a brain hemorrhage in late November, died at a Madrid hospital after two days in a coma.

Lister was a ″man of great conviction″ who should be remembered for his role in Europe’s struggle against fascism, said Marcelino Camacho, a Spanish Communist Party official.

Lister fought on the republican side in the 1936-1939 war against Gen. Francisco Franco’s nationalist forces. As a colonel, he was praised for his Fifth Regiment’s role in the defense of Madrid. He was later promoted to general and was one of the leading figures in the protracted battles along the Ebro river towards the end of the war.

With the republic’s defeat, Lister left to become a citizen of the Soviet Union and fought in the Soviet, Polish and Yugoslav armies during World War II.

He broke with the Spanish Communist Party in 1968 after the Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia and formed the Spanish Communist Workers Party. He returned to Spain in 1977, two years after Franco died and Spain began the transition from dictatorship to democracy.

In 1986, Lister brought his party into the fold of the Spanish Communist Party, part of the United Left coalition, the country’s third leading parliamentary group.

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