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Brothers Fatally Shot in Apparent Mafia Attack

January 7, 1989

SARNO, Italy (AP) _ Gunmen stopped a vehicle carrying two brothers and shot them to death in what appeared to be a mob slaying, police said.

Killed were Mario Graziano, 27, and Valentino Graziano, 21, members of a politically powerful family in the Naples area. Both men had criminal records, and Mario Graziano had been convicted of association with the Camorra, the Neopolitan version of the Mafia, the Italian news agency ANSA reported.

The men were returning home from nearby fields where they raised animals when their car was rammed on one side and cut off by another vehicle, police said.

The assailants opened fire with pistols and submachine guns on the Grazianos, who ran from their car. Both were gunned down, police said.