Letter to the editor: New Franklin Regional school is a bad idea

June 10, 2018

We were startled one recent evening when our doorbell rang at 9:30. I was surprised to see the former mayor of Murrysville, Joyce Somers, who was circulating a petition against the Franklin Regional School District’s proposed building project. That was impressive, and we should consider why a well-informed former elected official would feel so strongly about an issue to do such a thing. Such actions should not be taken lightly.

My experience representing this area in the Pennsylvania Legislature gave me good insight into why this is a really bad idea. I do not fault the school directors, as theirs is a thankless, unpaid job. I thank them for their service. Unfortunately, they are influenced by school administrators who control what is presented to them.

A while back I was asked to serve on an advisory committee for the school district. I quickly discovered that the only advice was one way and it wasn’t coming from me. Officials had a preconceived outcome and rejected anything that didn’t agree with it.

That is why I am asking any school director who can see the folly in the current course of events to take a courageous stand and fight for the people.

Lee C. Taddonio


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