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Executive programs lead to career growth

April 3, 2016

Executive education is a stepping stone for those looking to deliver a more polished approach to business.

Colleges have responded, offering programs designed to assist executives with higher education and can provide an immediate influence on performance while adding relevant tools to a professional’s repertoire - from strategies in more effective leadership and management to team building, how to make strategic decisions, and brushing up on change-management skills and problem solving.

The Texas A&M Mays Business School’s Center for Executive Development can address professionals who are looking to enhance their business acumen.

Brandi Plunkett, Mays Business School director of Center for Executive Development said they are able to provide clients with customized solutions tailored for the organizations with a world-class faculty delivering the material. Based on custom content developed with current research and practices, course material is presented in a challenging, but practical and accessible way.

Texas A&M’s educational opportunities are driven to provide a focus on long-term success. Options to choose from are available at http://mays.tamu.edu/center-for-executive-development and are able to address the needs of clients varying in size, industry and mission.

“We’ve experienced explosive growth in the past two years,” Plunkett said. “In 2016, we will be adding more certificate programs for industries such as health care and construction. Our program participants go back to their companies ready to implement what they learned.”

Kim McGaw, director of professional programs at the Susanne M. Glasscock School of Continuing Studies at Rice University, said its programs have classes for every type of learning environment.

“Our classes are presented in a variety of durations and formats, from a virtual classroom to a workshop facilitated with LEGO bricks. People have different learning styles and appreciate having options, including the opportunity to take a course from the comfort of their own home. We encourage our instructors, who are mostly subject matter experts, to be more creative in their approach, to bring topics to life through hands-on problem solving and storytelling,” she said.

The Glasscock School of Continuing Studies has numerous classes for professional enhancement at http://glasscock.rice.edu/professional-development-courses. Students have the chance to obtain new competencies, prepare for a certification exam, improve professional, business and communication skills, or earn professional recertification credit. Classes range in cost and time commitment.

Rice University’s Executive Education ­- Executive Development also has options that provide career enrichment at http://business.rice.edu/executive_education.

These include courses and events such as Essentials in Leadership, Strategic Decision Making and Critical Reasoning, and the Accelerated Development Program.

These types of classes are for executives and even entire groups looking to address particular needs, according to Brent Smith, Ph.D., senior associate dean of executive education at Jesse H. Jones Graduate School of Business at Rice.

“Everyone has the opportunity to dive deeply in material, and it is open to questions,” Smith said. “Typically people come to executive education because they don’t have enough experience in a role or are being asked to take on a new role. Our programs make that transition to different levels of management. The demand is pretty high. We use the best faculty in the classes, and the response has been great.”

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