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Truckstop Baby’s Parents ‘Not Likely’ to Be Found

February 4, 1985

D’LO, Miss. (AP) _ Whoever abandoned a day-old baby boy in near-freezing temperatures at a truckstop in late November is unlikely ever to be found, says the local sheriff.

″If the mother was just passing through, we’ll never find her,″ said Sheriff Lloyd S. Jones, of Simpson County in central Mississippi.

″If it was somebody local, something would have turned up by now.″

Meanwhile, local officials are still logging calls from people who want to adopt the infant - whose cries in the back of a pickup truck after midnight Nov. 28 were heard by a man who had stopped for gas.

″There won’t be a shortage of couples wanting him. A healthy white male is always in demand. Not many children like that come up for adoption,″ said Joanne Nester, spokeswoman for the state welfare department.

The baby - dubbed Trucker Joe Doe - was a day old when found shortly after midnight Nov. 28 at a truckstop along U.S. 49.

Part of his umbilical cord was still attached - leading authorities to conclude he wasn’t born in a hospital - and he was wrapped in two old towels and a small blanket and was wearing only a tattered T-shirt.

The infant was dumped into the back of a pickup truck driven by a man who stopped for gas and went into the truckstop for a few minutes. Temperature at the time was 33 degrees.

After a couple of days in a hospital, the 6-pound, 8-ounce baby was turned over to welfare officials and has been placed in a foster home.

″He’s doing just fine - healthy and growing,″ said Ms. Nester. ″He’s had no problems since he arrived at his foster home.″

Trucker Joe will stay in the foster home until he is eligible for adoption in six months or until his parents are found.

After news of the baby’s abandonment spread, the sheriff’s office received over 150 calls offering to adopt him. There are still inquiries, says Jones.

″Some people want to know when he’s available for adoption. I just refer them to the welfare people. It’s nice that so many people are asking about him.″

Jones said a man and woman in their 20s carrying something that looked like a blanket were seen at the truckstop and a pale green Chevrolet drove off shortly before the baby was found.

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