Votes of Needles City Council Jan. 22, 2019

January 23, 2019

How they voted: Needles City Council, Needles Public Utility Authority meeting in regular session on Jan. 22, 2109. Council members Tona Belt, Shawn Gudmundson, Clayton Hazlewood, Zachery Longacre, Ed Paget M.D., Timothy Terral and Mayor Jeff Williams were present.

Report from executive session:

Conference with labor negotiators Needles Unclassified Employees Association and San Bernardino Public Employees Association Teamsters Local 1932; City Manager Rick Daniels representing the city.

Conference with legal counsel, existing litigation, county superior court CIVDS1900454.

No reportable action taken on either item.

NCC action item: Staff report, council questions, public comments, council deliberation and vote on Resolutioin 2019-7 approving a conditional use permit for a marijuana laboratory testing facility at 1410 - 1414 W Broadway.

Belt-Y, Gudmundson-Y, Hazlewood-Y, Longacre-A, Paget-Y, Terral-Y

Recess NCC, convene joint NCC NPUA

NCC/NPUA action item: Authorize city manager to execute Parker-Davis Joint Planning Agreement 18-DSR-12868.

Belt-Y, Gudmundson-Y, Hazlewood-Y, Longacre-Y, Paget-Y, Terral-Y, Williams-Y

Adjourn joint meeting, reconvene NCC

NCC action item, consent calendar including:

Approve warrants register through Jan. 22.

Accept work completed by Phillips Excavating, Coldwater Fencing, Western Construction Specialist and Outsource Utility Construction for portions of specialist work in construction of the Murl Shaver Electric Substation; authorize staff to file notice of completion with county recorder.

Accept $72,464 bid from Redmond Construction LLC to remove and replace soundproofing material with new sound proof boards and paint at the Needles Recreation Center. Funding comes from a Community Development Block Grant. Authorize staff to issue notices of award and to proceed.

Accept $40,647 bid from Robinson Electric Company to remove and replace lighting at the recreation center using CDBG funding; authorize staff to issue notices of award and to proceed.

Belt-Y, Gudmundson-Y, Hazlewood-Y, Longacre-Y, Paget-Y, Terral-Y

NCC action item: Discussion, possible action on permitting angle parking on the east side of F Street between Broadway and Front Street.

Belt-Y, Gudmundson-Y, Hazlewood-Y, Longacre-Y, Paget-Y, Terral-Y

Key: Y is a yes vote, N is a no vote, A is abstain from voting. Council members must abstain in the case of a conflict of interest. Mayor Jeff Williams, or the presiding officer in his absence, votes only in the case of a tie. The presiding officer does vote on the actions of the Needles Public Utility Authority, Public Financing Authority and Successor Agency to the Redevelopment Agency. Ordinances require two separate readings and affirmative votes of at least four council members for passage. Emergency ordinances may be passed on one reading but require five affirmative votes. Resolutions require one reading with four affirmative votes and take effect immediately.

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