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Roger Clinton Plays Politics With Band

September 22, 1992

BURBANK, Calif. (AP) _ Although Roger Clinton is trying to build a career in show business, he has named his band after the life-long profession of his famous half-brother.

″I just told myself about five or six year ago that the very next band I would get I was going to name it ’Politics,‴ said Clinton, 36, the half- brother of presidential candidate Bill Clinton.

″My life has just been surrounded by politics and, actually, life generally is political, not just during a campaign,″ Clinton said.

He made his television debut Monday on the new CBC sitcom ″Hearts Afire.″ Clinton played a singer in a restaurant, belting out ″The Way of the World″ to close the show.

″Hopefully it will be a reoccurring role,″ Clinton said in a telephone interview from the set of ″Designing Women.″

″Hearts Afire″ and ″Designing Women″ are produced by Linda Bloodworth- Thomason and her husband, Harry Thomason. The Thomasons are backers of the Arkansas governor, and they produced his biography film that was shown at the Democratic National Convention.

The Thomasons’ company, Mozark Productions, also produces the CBS sitcom ″Evening Shade.″ Clinton is a production assistant on ″Evening Shade.″

During breaks in filming of the three sitcoms, Clinton’s band plays for the live audiences.

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