An immigrant success story

October 5, 2018

A recent letter to the editor said “Illegal immigrants are forgoing assistance they are legally entitled to”. The concept makes reason stare.

The left is determined to follow California into oblivion. California is the leader in poverty, homelessness, filth and hopelessness. They are a shining example of what happens when law and order is overwhelmed by those seeking power and wealth.

This is how our immigration laws work

Emil, came through Ellis island in 1952. The photo of that great event hangs proudly in our kitchen. He was sponsored by an uncle who agreed to support him in any way needed. He joined the US Air Force and got an education. His brother came with a similar affidavit of support. He joined the Marines and fought in the Korean war. The two brothers filed the affidavit of support for their youngest brother, my husband who came in 1962 with his young wife. They had NO college education, no English skills, little money and 2 small children. They worked hard, learned English, bought a home and a car and proudly passed very requirement. That is how immigration is designed to work.. it is not based on mayhem.. it is a lawful process that leaves everyone better off.

US law requires immigrants to enter legally because they want to be citizens. In America that means becoming an American. We are not a country of tribes. To hold US citizenship is a great honor. You are expected to speak English, know the constitution, uphold US law, understand our constitution and honor the American flag. You can then become a citizen of this great country.

But this is not really about immigration is it? It’s not about poor helpless immigrants who, by no fault of their own, find themselves helpless in a foreign land. This is about the left running out of voters willing to cut their own economic throats for fear of being called heartless by the emotional and out-of-control left.

This is a fight for the survival of the America we love.

Lynda Eggimann,


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