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History Leads Clinton to Xi’an

June 25, 1998

XI’AN, China (AP) _ President Clinton made this ancient city his first stop in China for both ceremonial and practical reasons.

Xi’an, an industrial city in northern China, was imperial China’s capital for 1,100 years. It was home to emperor Qin Shihuangdi, the ruler who unified China, and also boasts thousands of life-sized terra cotta warriors buried in pits to guard Qin’s spirit.

The Xi’an starting point also was designed to give Clinton a low-key stop to help counter the effects of jet lag before his meetings starting Friday with President Jiang Zemin in Beijing.

A similar schedule was set up for Jiang when he visited the United States last October. He arrived first in Hawaii, then visited historic Williamsburg, Va., a cradle of American colonialism, before heading to Washington.

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