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March 22, 1992

ATLANTA (AP) _ After nearly a week in seclusion following the slaying of his brother, heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield is beginning an eight-city tour to promote his fight against Larry Holmes.

Holyfield will appear at Las Vegas Monday on the first stop of the tour advancing the June 26 bout at Las Vegas.

His older brother and assistant trainer, Willie Holyfield, was shot to death Tuesday in a domestic dispute at his Atlanta home.

″Evander said, ‘In my lifetime, I’ve done everything possible that I could to help Willie, and I’m at peace with that,’ ″ Ellen Krudys, the champion’s publicist, said ″And he really is. He wants to go on.″


SURFERS PARADISE, Australia (AP) - Former Formula One driving champion Alan Jones of Australia found himself in a sea of oil and moments later, the wall, in a Sports GT support race Sunday at the Gold Coast Indy Grand Prix.

New Zealander Kane Scott’s car blown engine spewed oil around the first chicane on the back straight. Jones hit the oil patch and went straight into the wall.

″When Scott blew up, he left about 20,000 liters of oil on the track in front of me,″ said Jones, who was unhurt. ″I had nowhere left to go.″


AUGUSTA, Ga. (AP) - The new head of the Augusta National Golf Club and the Masters Tournament is an intensely private businessman.

Jack Stephens, 68, the retired founder of Stephens Inc., an Arkansas-based investment firm, was appointed to the Augusta position in May 1991, replacing Hord Hardin.

″Somebody discovered that I’d retired, and they put us together,″ he told the Augusta Chronicle in his first public comment on his job. ″I felt like if the members thought I could make a contribution, I had the responsibility to Augusta National and the tournament to do it.″

On April 8, Stephens will make the annual ″State of the Masters″ address during the tournament’s green-jacket ceremony on the putting green. The Masters runs April 9-12.

Stephens has been one of Augusta National’s wealthiest members for nearly 25 years. He built a cottage called ″Stephens,″ adjacent to the par-3 course.

Hardin will serve as Stephens’ assistant this year.


SURFERS PARADISE, Australia (AP) - The number of Andrettis on the IndyCar circuit has caused confusion Down Under.

John Andretti was the winner of last year’s inaugural Gold Coast Indy Car Grand Prix, while his cousin Michael was last year’s overall circuit winner.

Both the major newspapers serving the Gold Coast region featured pictures of Michael Andretti in their prerace previews for Sunday’s Gold Coast Indy Car Grand Prix and both described him as ″the 1991 Gold Coast Indy winner.″

Members of John Andretti’s team were less than impressed.

John Andretti finished sixth Sunday, ahead of both uncle Mario (seventh) and cousin Michael, who pulled out on the 41st lap with exhaust problems.


TOKYO (AP) - Hawaiian Salevaa Atisanoe, who won his third championship Sunday, is the most successful foreigner in Japan’s ancient sport of sumo.

But is Atisanoe, known in the ring as Konishiki - the Little Brocade - worthy of the grand champion’s treasured belt? In Japan, that’s an emotional question.

The rank of ″yokozuna,″ or grand champion, is one of Japan’s most coveted and prestigious titles, so revered that bestowing it involves an elaborate 3 1/2 -hour belt-blessing ceremony on the grounds of a venerable Tokyo shrine.

Never in sumo history’s 2,000 or so years has a foreigner been so close to achieving it.

The 28-year-old former Honolulu football player moved one step closer to the top Sunday by defeating fellow champion Kirishima. His other championships came in 1989 and last November.

The only other foreigner to win a tournament title was Jesse Kuhaulua, also a Hawaii native, who won in July 1972. He now is a Japanese citizen.

″I just do my job, the rest isn’t up to me,″ Konishiki said as a hairdresser coifed his tousled top-knot for an award ceremony after Sunday’s bout.

Since his debut 10 years ago, the 577-pound Konishiki has become a celebrity in Japan. His lavish wedding ceremony to a Japanese woman last month was televised live nationwide, and rubber Konishiki masks can be found in novelty stores.


NEW YORK (AP) - Interested in trading a Mark Rypien, Barry Sanders or Emmitt Smith football trading card for a Jim Kelly, David Wheaton, Marv Albert or Larry King ″Celebrity Captain″ hockey trading card?

Now, thanks to Pro Set Inc., 12 ″Celebrity Captain″ cards are contained in the NHL Pro Set Platinum Series II hockey set.

To coincide with the NHL’s 75th anniversary, each team chose a celebrity captain to represent them this season. As a tribute to the NHL’s Diamond Anniversary, Pro Set created 12 cards of these captains and included them in its 160-limited edition set.

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