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21-Year-Old Woman Leaves Family To Emigrate

September 29, 1987

VIENNA, Austria (AP) _ A 21-year-old Jewish refusenik arrived in the West Tuesday and said she would work to win permission for her parents and sister to leave the Soviet Union.

″I am not very happy because my parents and my sister had to stay behind,″ said Darina Paritsky. ″They cannot leave because our powers (authorities) do not give them permission.″

Ms. Paritsky said her father, Alexander Paritsky, 49, spent three years in prison. ″He is now at home but his health is very bad, he has a bad heart.″ She said she wants her friends in the West to help her family emigrate.

Asked whether she was planning to settle in Boston, where she has relatives and friends, Ms. Paritsky, said, in halting English: ″Now I go to Israel because my parents want that I live in Israel.

″They want me to become an Israeli,″ said Ms. Paritsky, who arrived aboard a Soviet Aeroflot airliner. She indicated she might go to Boston later.

According to Western reports, Paritsky, whose family first applied to emigrate in 1976, suffered a heart attack while in a Siberian labor camp in 1982 after being convicted of slandering the Soviet state.

He, his wife Polina and 16-year-old daughter Ann remained behind in Kharkov, an industrial city in the Ukraine.

Ms. Paritsky said she would go to Israel on Wednesday.

She said she was a mathematics student at Kharkov University, adding: ″I want to continue (my studies) in this specialty in Israel.″

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